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    Customer  | 2/3/2015

    After a year and a half of testing the Armada product in a variety of applications as well as wheel positions, I have found it exceeded our expectations. We started by using the product in 255/70R225 trailer tires (50 oz per wheel). The air pressure was maintained, driver comments were the trailer pulled better with less vibration. We next installed the product in more trailer tires with same results. To determine what effect ARMADA had on wheel balance we started to install the product in steer tires. We took a couple of ways to test the effects on balancing. First we would balance the tires by conventional method of spinning tire and adding wheel weights, the truck would go into service for a few days to determine if there was any vibration or ride issue. The truck would then come back and we would remove the wheel weights and install Armada in each tire (11R225 & 11R2245 60 oz per tire) Ride and driver feed back was all positive with some drivers reporting improve in ride & handling when Armada was installed. The scope of the testing was as follows ATV / Lawn & Garden - Maintain air pressure as well as reduce flat tires Implement - Maintain air pressure. Travel Trailer/ Motor Home – Reduced blow outs due to low air pressure (less damage to units) Improved ride for trailer and motorhomes as product balanced the tires ranging from 225/75R16 up to 295/75R225. OTR / Farm – Maintained air pressure (stopped rim leaks as well as leaks pertaining to punctures) Medium Truck – Balancing on trucks & trailers(less cupping in trailer application), maintained air pressure as well improved ride. We are very please with the Armada and will continue to use it in all applications.