Symtech Corporation

524 SE Transport Dr.
Lees Summit, MO 64081

About Symtech Corporation

North America's largest manufacturer of headlignment systems incorporating the ISO color technology This technology makes it much easier, faster and more accurate in aiming headlight beams than other machines.
Symtech also manufactures the Bright Soultions headlamp Resurfacer/Protector kits. This is a simple and easy process that removes the yelloewed, oxidized plastic surface from the headlamp, at the same time resealing them with a UV protectant, returning them to a "like new" condition. This process takes about 5-10 minutes and requires no special tools. Transmission fluid exhange equipment. The ATF 1 is a dual mode; coller line or dipstick exchange. On board battery, doesn't require external power hook up. Also, the ATF 2D have all the same features but will only perform Dipstick service only. The VFX 1 is our new Coolant Fluid exchange unit, it will allow you to perform both a Vacuum Drain & Fill Service or a Pressuer Back Flush, but will eliminate air pockets

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