Pylon Partners with Michelin® to Launch Portable Jump Starter Kit

Press Release from Pylon Manufacturing Corp.

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobility solutions innovation leader, Pylon Manufacturing Corporation, introduces the compact yet powerful, Michelin High-Capacity Jump Starter and Power Bank.  

Pylon (PRNewsfoto/Pylon Manufacturing)

Designed for on-the-go use, the Michelin High-Capacity Jump Starter and Power Bank sports a sleek and portable design, with detachable jumper cables, making it easy to store until needed. It features simplified capabilities to jump start gas and diesel engines independent of another vehicle, to get you quickly back on the road after the unexpected happens. While giving your battery a boost, simultaneously fast charge USB-C and USB-A powered mobile devices through the power bank. 

Additional roadside safety support is available through a built-in energy-efficient flashlight for under-the-hood visibility, that also functions as an emergency light to signal other drivers. Engineered with Safe Jump Technology™, the product alerts users of errors with a red light and chime to ensure spark-proof jumping.  

The Michelin High-Capacity Jump Starter and Power Bank is compatible with 4, 6 and 8-cylinder vehicles with a 12-volt battery.  

"We aim to create high-quality automotive solutions that drivers can rely on," said Mike Fretwell, President of Pylon. "We are excited to introduce this durable, versatile product, made with roadside safety in mind." 

Available online at Costco or www.michelin-lifestyle.com/safetyzone, the Michelin High-Capacity Jump Starter and Power Bank features: 

  • C-UL-US listed jump starter kit to allow drivers to revive car batteries without outside assistance 
  • A long-lasting power bank with advanced 3Cell Powerpack Lithium-Ion 10,000 mAh high-capacity battery to provide a reliable, high-powered boost and expanded charging capabilities 
  • Safe Jump™ technology to alert users when an error is made while jump-starting 
  • TempX™ protective cover allows for jump starting our vehicle in any weather
  • Built in LED flashlight  
  • A set of detachable Safe Jump™ cables for increased portability 

For more information on Michelin High-Capacity Jump Starter and Power Bank visit www.michelin-lifestyle.com/safetyzone

For more information about Pylon, visit www.pylonhq.com 

About Pylon  
Pylon is a leading automotive aftermarket supplier with over 50 years of experience providing visibility, safety and mobility solutions under leading brands. Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Pylon is an ISO 9001-certified division of the Qualitor, Inc. family of automotive companies. Pylon is the exclusive global licensee responsible for the design, manufacturing and marketing of the MICHELIN® line of premium wiper blades, tire accessories and safety zone.  With over 70 patents, Pylon's latest innovations include Smart-Flex Technology, exclusively found in MICHELIN® Hybrid Wiper blades, and MICHELIN® Silicone Wiper blades lasting 2X longer than standard blades.

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