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  • TRAC Tire Jack - (TTJ01)

    Experience effortless tire removal or installation when your tire is close to the ground. Our patent-pending steel jack is built to last. Use the JACK not your back! Read More
  • Mueller Keups Valve Core Tool (MLK-437-001)

    Easily remove and replace the valve core with this handy tool. One handed operation with a "Click" once properly connected to the core. Kit Includes valve core tool with the valve core holder Directions: -Insert the tool into the valve stem -Tool with “click” when properly connected to... Read More
  • HEKUM Adhesive Wheel Weight Removal Pliers (HEK01)

    Our latest addition to our lineup is the Hekum pliers designed to remove adhesive tape wheel weights without touching the rim, precision built by one of Germany's finest tool builders. Indeed our wheel weight removal tool is efficient and reliable. Hurry up and order our tire weight removal tool... Read More
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