Press Release from Proxy Retail Group, Inc.

Meet Ariana DeSimone - Proxy Retail Project Manager

When I was hired to be a project manager at Proxy I had just come out of the field where I worked hands-on doing retail displays installations. I had worked for 10 years in the national retail installation sector. Prior to that I worked solely in residential construction for years. I spent many years struggling to be the best at my craft with little to no guidance. It was an uphill struggle as a woman trying to break through into a field that did not want me as a part of it. It was a long and difficult road that at times was exhausting, lonely and seemingly insurmountable. Being a woman in construction is not easy. 

There is a constant unspoken truth you need to prove yourself beyond your skill set if you are a woman in the construction industry. You have to show you are strong, dedicated and completely ok with being the only woman on a job site. I loved building things and I dreamt of one day working with other trades women even if I had to hire them myself! So, I opened my own company. 

More Than Just a National Retail Installation Company 

I started collaborating with Proxy doing retail fixture installations around 2018. They were an incredible company to work with compared to other national retail installers. A dream client! I had no idea the company was owned by another woman at the time. When I found out - I was over the moon. I had never met another woman who owned a construction company! I think as women the sheer joy to find another woman doing the same thing as you is like the spring after winter.  As I worked with Proxy over the next few years, I saw that gender did not play a role in how they paid or assigned work. They choose me because I worked hard and consistently offered them my best work. When they offered me a job to step out of the field, I jumped on it. 

When people ask me why I choose to close my company and work for another person; the answer is easy.  She has built an incredible company that’s growth is exploding. And that explosion is not just because of the quality of work provided - but it is also the transparency, honesty, and equality within the company. While it’s not my company- I have achieved my dream. I get to work with fantastic women in the field I love. 

A Woman-Owned Company With a Bright Future.

I consider myself very fortunate to have found and to now be a part of the Proxy Retail group.  After many years of struggle in a difficult industry as a woman I have found an exceptional company to be a part of - a company that values me based solely on my contribution and effort.  I’m so proud of the work we are doing all over the country in the national retail installation space.  Proxy Retail has been awarded the prestigious Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBENC)

Let’s build the future together.  Contact Proxy Retail for your next project.

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