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Check out this new, unique tool designed and sold by Tire Tool Products.

Its called the TRAC Jack and is a must for every shop and homeowner.

Taking all the stress off of your back while installing or removing tire / wheel assemblies.

If you have had to pay out costly Worker Comp injury claims, this is the tool that you need, I designed it with safety in mind and being in the tire industry for 34+ years I have seen many tools come and go to address this particular part of servicing tires and wheels, but mine is different, using two of the worlds best inventions, the wheel and the lever, the tire simply glides on and off with very little stress to the lower back and its completely mechanical, no air or electrics involved.

Tire Tool Products also has other tools available for removing wheel weights and new tools will be added soon.

Check it out at tiretoolproducts.com

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